Valsabbion gourmet cuisine at the wine fair Vinistra 2011

Sonja Peric of Valsabbion held a very interesting presentation for all the senses at Vinistra 2011 opening on May 13, 2011 in Porec Croatia. Sonja runs a small family owned hotel and gourmet restaurant Valsabbion near Pula, on the southern tip of Istrian penninsula. She is very creative when it gets to presenting her creations: you will get a “rock soup” made of shells, sea food and herbs bottled up in a test tube; sardine paste in a tube or “pljukanci“, a traditional pasta here, served in a roll of smoked cheese. Check out the photo gallery from Valsabbion’s presentation at Vinistra 2011.

2 thoughts on “Valsabbion gourmet cuisine at the wine fair Vinistra 2011

  1. Sanja Dejanovic

    Sanja, your blog is fantastic. I really enjoy it.

    • Sanja

      Thnx Sanja, I am glad you like it :-) promise to post more interesting stories.

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