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The best Istrian restaurants join Jeunes restaurateurs d’Europe

Istrian gastronomy is gaining a momentum at Jeunes restaurateurs d’Europe, Europe’s leading association for fine dining, a club of the “Europe’s best young restaurants and chefs” that are considered to be the entrance to the grand gourmet world. Today the best Istrian restaurants became part of the JRE: four from the west Istrian coast have been members so far:

And three new joined on Wednesday June 1:

On Wednesday June 1, JRE’s executive director Hans van Manen and Andy Zaugg, JRE vicepresident and chairman of the Swiss branch of the JRE handed over the entrance tickets to Plavi podrum and Le Mandrach from Volosko (ex fisherman’s village turned into a gastro hub, situated just outside Opatija, on the Eastern Istrian coast) and Kukuriku from Kastav (on a hill top above Volosko). It was in Kukuriku that this gourmet meeting took place and the main idea was to push for organizing the JRE branch in Croatia.

Daniela Kramaric, Croatia’s best sommelier and owner of Plavi podrum, Deniz Zembo of the Le Mandrach and the owner of Kukuriku Nenad Kukurin were quite joyful to enter JRE for the first time.

Croatia is the only non-EU country to have its restaurants represented in the JRE association. The main guy who is to thank for that and for pushing the gourmet scene in Istria to a higher level in the last decade is Denis Ivosevic, head of the Istrian tourist board who was also there along with Croatian and Slovenian JRE heads Teo Fernetich and Tomaz Kavcic. Ivosevic respresents Croatia in the JRE while Tilen Drmota, who attended the lunch at Kukuriku, is his Slovenian counterpart in the JRE.

Here is the menu that was prepared for the JRE crew:


Le Mandrac

Plavi podrum

  • Dentex fillet on apple cream, monkfish reduction, curcuma and coffee dust & capesante with black Istrian truffle and emulsion
    with Chardonnay Korak sur lie 2007

Istrian gourmet scene is growing stronger and more respectable by the day and having 7 restaurants from Istria in the JRE’s European best restaurants Black book is a sign the region is become a true lifestyle & gourmet destination.

You can check all the JRE restaurants in Europe listed in the Black book here.

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