Croatian branch of Jeunes Restaurateurs d’Europe grows in number and significance

Croatian gastronomy takes a further step towards haute cuisine – a small step for mankind but a significant one for the small Mediterranean country striving to be recognized as a tourist and gourmet spot on the map, one might say… The event that marked the occasion was the welcoming of the new chefs to the Croatian branch of Jeunes Restaurateurs d’Europe, Europe’s leading association of young chefs that recognizes creativity and passion as the main drive in their profession.

Seven new restaurants join the club

Seven new restaurants and their chefs, mainly from Zagreb and coastal towns in Dalmatia, joined the existing seven members all of which come from Istria. The first four Jeunes Restaurateurs d’Europe members were Damir & Ornella, Monte, Pepenero and San Rocco who took the spotlight two years ago; last year they were joined by Plavi podrum, Le Mandrac and Kukuriku. The celebratory brunch took place at Dubravkin put in Zagreb where all the members of the Croatian Jeunes Restaurateurs d’Europe branch were welcomed by the JRE president Ramon Dios, JRE head secretary Hans van Manen and head of the Istrian Tourist Board Denis Ivosevic who is to thank for bringing JRE to Croatia in the first place. Slovenian and Italian Jeunes Restaurateurs d’Europe members supported Croatia in becoming a member.

Talent & passion is their motto

Talent & passion is the main drive underling the work of any Jeunes Restaurateurs d’Europe member. And the concept that should be seen in the creative dishes coming from their cuisine: the idea is to use excellent fresh local ingredients – the materia prima – that are typical for each region.  Establishing gourmet lifestyle that includes fine wine and fine dining is important for Croatia that strives to become a tourist destination with more to offer than just the sun & sea vacation.

The current number of Croatian restaurants and their young chefs @ the JRE is 14. Be sure to check them out:

  • San Rocco – Brtonigla
  • Pepenero – Novigrad
  • Damir & Ornella – Novigrad
  • Monte – Rovinj
  • Plavi podrum Volosko
  • Le Mandrac – Volosko
  • Kukuriku  – Kastav
  • Draga di Lovrana – Lovran
  • Johnson – Moscenička Draga
  • Boskinac – Novalja (island of Pag)
  • Pelegrini – Sibenik
  • Adriatic Graso – Split
  • Prasac – Zagreb
  • Dubravkin put – Zagreb

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