Vinistra sets standards for branding Istria and Croatia as wine and gourmet destinations

It’s the beginning of May when Vinistra, the most important wine & gourmet event of Istria, sets the stage for promoting, educating and establishing high quality standards for wine growing and wine production in the region. This year it’s the 19th year that Vinistra, the association of wine growers and wine makers of Istria, takes place in Porec on the west coast of Istria from May 11-13.

The main goal of Vinistra is to brand Istria and Croatia as wine destinations, new and interesting to the world wine travelers. Travel, tourism and leisure industry seeks new and uncharted places to be discovered and Istria and Croatia are the new emerging stars. Many say Istria is the new old wine region – the wine growing and wine making has been around from the Greeks and the Romans but the region has been somewhat forgotten during the socialist regime in the 20th century. Today Istria and Croatia are emerging as new lifestyle destinations. And Vinistra has played an important role.

Ivica Matosevic, head of the Vinistra and one of the wine pioneers of Istria said of the upcoming Vinistra: „Istria is the most dynamic wine region of Croatia. In respect to that, Vinistra is an important event in profiling the region as the desirable wine destination and is one of the top 20 worldwide events when it comes to wine tourism. The winemakers of Istria tell the story of the Istrian terroir and that is very important now that Croatia joins the EU (in 2013)“, he said.

This year’s program is quite full of events and features:

  • In the gourmet part, Jody Ness of the CNBC World Wine portfolio will be cooking
  • 1 star Michelin guest chef Christopher Naylor of restaurant Vermeer in Amsterdam will prepare his gourmet dishes
  • Istrian chefs with the international background Priska Thuring of restaurant L and Tom Gretic of the Wine vault restaurant will bill on the cooking stage, their colleague from the leading Slovenian JB restaurant from Ljubljana chef Janez Bratovz will present his philosophy in the kitchen as well
  • Tony Hodges of the Brandstory will discuss the footsteps Istria and Croatia should take in branding the region as the wine destination
  • There will be wine tasting events including blind tasting of Istrian wines, en primeur tasting of plavac mali 2009 vintage, books on Istrian winemakers being presented
  • And of course, the visitors will have a chance to learn and taste all the best Istrian wine producers have to offer…

Check out the Vinistra 2012 event highlights here.

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