Istria Gourmet Festival in its third edition

Istria Gourmet Festival is in its third edition this year. And it’s a treat just like the previous two: this year we’ve got more of the taste, the smell and the feel of what Istria has to offer in a sense of wine, food, olive oil and the gourmet lifestyle…

This year there are a few novelties to the Istria Gourmet Festival: the traditional part are the gourmet areas of Nasa kuzina (Our cuisine) with three gourmet konobas (traditional restaurants) Nona i Buscina and a gourmet restaurant San Rocco preparing the best of Istrian cuisine to the eneral public. Plus, there’s a VIP gourmet tent for the invited guests with Istria’s leading restaurants and konobas and Michelin star restaurants from Italy – this year seats at the VIP tent can be bought or even won as a prize. The new addition to the program are the tasting events called “The hidden charms of malvasia and teran” where you can get to know the indigenous varieties of Istria, meet the wine makers and hear their story…

Check out the whole program of Istria Gourmet Festival here.

Here are a few photos of the gourmet dinners that are taking place at the Stella Maris complex in Umag just next to the tennis court where the ATP Croatia Open is staged from July 5 – 15.


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